Marco Martinez O’Daly

Urban Economist, Social Entrepreneur, Author

Marco helps cities implement innovative urban policy to reduce poverty and transform cities. He was the chief adviser for Mexico’s Senate for the last six years, where he coordinated 8 international events and over 30 legislative workshops with some of the most renowned experts, mayors, legislators, urban planners, land developers, universities and social organizations from North America and from around the world, towards the drafting and approval, in 2016, of a national, urban reform law that seeks to foster urban entrepreneurship and allow for more orderly, inclusive, sustainable and smart cities. He currently works with over a dozen cities and organizations from more than 5 countries in Latin America.

He is the CEO of Greenspot, a tactical urbanism, social business for the retrofitting of impoverished urban areas, and for the incubation of small businesses, and the creator of the Smart City Labs, workshops that bring urban thinkers and social entrepreneurs together and help incubate both public and private innovation projects. He is the author of the book “La Reforma Urbana» (The Urban Reform).